Feature Mum Friday – I’m famous!


If you’re looking for a great new blog to read you should check out Sustayable Me – and not just because Jane has interviewed me for Feature Mum Friday this week (although I was thrilled to be asked).

Jane writes about a lot of issues close to my heart with a great, fresh perspective. Take a look.

Happy Friday!


Yoghurt Pot People (The Christmas Set).



While some of the crafts we do can be a bit…hit and miss (I’m looking at you, balloon crown), one that keeps on giving is yoghurt pot people – and the best part is, Freya doesn’t care if they are more on the miss side.

Our abundance of pots is a result of a breakfast-time struggle. I have tried to get her to eat many things but while we were on holiday my mum gave her a yoghurt (she had outgrown her milk intolerance by then) and ever since it is has been exactly that or nothing.

I’ll admit, I have looked at the recycling bin in despair. As part of trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I would obviously much prefer she didn’t eat something housed in plastic but you know three-year-olds, once they get something set in their heads. That. Is. It. 

I know they can be recycled but I have more of don’t create waste in the first place sort of ethos. Anyway, my dad takes some for seed pots but looking at them one day I thought ‘surely we must be able to make something with them?’ and so began our journey.


The king and queen came first and then at Halloween we made a series of ghosts. It was all very simple, just a bit of paper stuck around the pot, add a face and a bit of decoration and bingo…hours of fun.


Freya is only just getting to grips with scissors so I’ve been getting it all cut out and letting her glue/stick everything on but I think soon she will be able to do the cutting too.

On Friday we started a Christmas set (yes, I know it’s only November. We’ll be started Easter crafts in December at this rate). This time we got a little bit more adventurous by adding things such as a beard, pom poms and googly eyes (although couldn’t get them to stick without tape)

Freya loves making up little stories about them. The queen recently asked Father Christmas for a baby which I was slightly worried about but it turned out to be a rather strange version of the Rapunzel story. The ghost then stole the baby but Father Christmas rescued it and brought it back to the queen (phew).


As her favourite thing is princesses at the moment, we are going to have a go at making a set loosely based on the Disney ones next.

Can you think of anything else we could use the pots for?

Book Review: The One That Got Away.

onegotawayIt wasn’t love at first sight but my affection for The One That Got Away, by Melissa Pimentel, grew with each turn of the (digital) page – especially after Ethan and Ruby meet again for the first time in a decade and old emotions resurface.

While most of her friends have married and moved away, single Ruby has spent the last 10 years in fast-paced New York concentrating on her career in advertising – often at the expense of everything else.

In fact, she barely has time in her hectic life for a long-haul trip to England for her little sister’s wedding, particularly when it means she will come face to face with her ex, Ethan, again, who happens to be the groom’s best friend.

Their split all those years ago seems to have haunted them both but will they be able to get beyond the past and have a future?

Here’s the blurb:

Ruby and Ethan were perfect for each other. Until the day they suddenly weren’t.

Ten years later, Ruby’s single, having spent the last decade focusing on her demanding career and hectic life in Manhattan. There’s barely time for a trip to England for her little sister’s wedding. And there’s certainly not time to think about seeing Ethan there for the first time in years.

But as the family frantically prepare for the big day, Ruby can’t help but wonder if she made the right choice all those years ago? Because there’s nothing like a wedding for stirring up the past . . .

While the first pages of the book provide plenty of colour about Ruby’s frenetic Manhattan lifestyle, it is when she and Ethan come face to face again that the story really comes into its own.

Pimentel creates authentic, likeable and funny characters who you want to see find their happily ever after.

And, even though you know everything will work out in the end, there are definitely a few spanners in the works to keep things lively (not to mention laugh out loud entertaining).

The book is divided into “Now” and “Then” and switches between first and third person narrative, which I thought would seem disconcerting but actually works really well in this story.

While I initially found her too wordy for my taste, once I got used to her style I was swept along to the point I found it hard to stop reading (even though an early morning beckoned).

Format: Kindle (out now).

Price: £4.99

My rating: 3.5 stars.

Thank you to Penguin UK for the ARC (via NetGalley). All views are my own.