My Weekend Photo – March 24th, 2019.

I had almost given up hope of taking any blossom photos this week. There's some around where we live but it's all in people's gardens and I didn't think they'd be pleased with me just walking in with my camera. However, on the walk to pick Freya up from school on Friday night, I noticed … Continue reading My Weekend Photo – March 24th, 2019.


Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.

Every so often while reading My Sister’s Lies, a big dinner gong felt like it went off right beside my ear. ‘Wait, what?’ I would think and then have to scroll back through everything I'd previously read in my head, asking myself why I hadn’t added up the clues before. They were definitely there but … Continue reading Book Review: My Sister’s Lies.

A Windy Afternoon At West Runton Beach.

It seemed relatively calm in Norwich after several very windy days so we thought it would be nice on the coast yesterday. While the sky was blue and the sun was out (until it hailed), it was fairly cold and definitely windy at West Runton beach - although you won't hear me complaining because it … Continue reading A Windy Afternoon At West Runton Beach.